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Kitchen Cupboards And Bathroom Renovations Cape Town

Bathroom renovations Cape Town

Are you looking for a company in Cape Town that provides bathroom and kitchen renovation services? We are a reputable company that provides quality and professional renovation services in bathrooms and kitchens.

We here at Plumbers Cape Town meet the needs of clients who need to renovate their houses as well as fit fixtures and fittings in them. Since we have been providing these services for many years, we have adequate expertise and experience. We’ve managed to obtain a significant share in the market, an honorable reputation among our clients as well as great respect among our competitors.

Our employees have adequate capacity to recommend the best layout, materials, fixtures & fittings that suit specific needs/ preferences as well as the requirements for electrical and 24 hour plumbing work.

Kitchen Cupboards Cape Town

Apart from giving recommendations, our employees can also carry out actual renovation work from point zero to the last stage, thus turning the dreams and aspirations of our clients into reality. While doing this, they ensure that the project remains on track by way of the financial budget and timelines.

We have sufficient ability to provide a wide range of services such as; simple overhaul of client’s kitchen and/or bathroom, a new shower-cubicle, installation of a new bathroom or complete overhaul of a kitchen and/or bathroom with an objective of creating additional space/ greater functionality.

Our employees here in Cape Town have adequate technical expertise and experience. Therefore, they pay close attention to fine details, thus ensuring that the end results are fantastic.

We are capable of planning and executing all the necessary electrical and plumbing work required to ensure that the fixtures & fittings of our clients operate smoothly. All projects are completed within the timelines and financial budgets prescribed by our clients.

Our expertise, experience, affordability, efficiency and effectiveness have enabled us to become one of the leading bathroom and kitchen renovation service providers in the whole country.

Our company has devised creative and innovative ways of sourcing for the finest fixtures & fittings and also affordable bathroom suites, bath tubs, taps, showers, sinks and many others from reliable suppliers at great discounts.

Why choose our company?

Clients are encouraged to choose our company because we have several competitive advantages. Some of them are explained below.

Kitchen renovations Cape Town

  1. We use the best materials. Good quality hinges and slides ensure that drawers don’t stick and cabinet doors remain closed. For cabinet interiors, we use wood veneer because the material is more durable.
  2. We fix cabinets of the right size to ensure that our clients have adequate storage space.
  3. Our counter tops are designed using special materials such as; white Carrara marble, stained wood, honed Kirkstone slate, Weirton limestone and soapstone.
  4. We ensure that the kitchen remains compatible with the rest of the house.

Bathroom renovations Cape Town

  1. We install elegant fixtures such as a pedestal sink and a claw-foot tub to ensure that the bathroom becomes attractive.
  2. Our bathtubs always meet the different needs and preferences of our clients.
  3. Bathroom floors are fitted with water-resistant and durable materials such as ceramic, stone and/or marble tiles.
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Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Services
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