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Solar Geysers Cape Town

As energy saving products, solar geysers are effective methods of providing hot water even when there is no electrical infrastructure. They are very effective to beginners since they do not require electrical costs on commencement

solar geysers cape town

With the rising costs of electricity bills in recent years, consumers have began making investments in green energy solutions since they aren’t prepared to spend substantive amounts of cash just so have some hot water. One of the alternative solutions that can lead to dramatic reduction of monthly electricity bills is the use solar geysers. A wide majority of people have never realized that electric geysers can play a big role in drawing incredible amounts of power on a daily basis

On certain occasions, the use of solar energy can save you up to a maximum of 30% on your monthly electricity bills. When you do a calculation on the amount of savings that you will enjoy by using solar energy, you will see the need to make an effort of installing a solar geyser in phases for a period that will not exceed three years

Benefits of having solar geysers

  • You can have hot water even when electricity is not available
  • It will reduce your electricity bill by about 30% in approximation on a daily basis
  • You will be playing a big role in assisting to conserve the environment
  • Solar geysers are capable of paying for themselves in period of 2 to 3 years

Choosing and installing a solar geyser is a little bit complicated than most people think. If you want to get the best possible solution that suits your needs and budget, you will be required to do a site inspection since there are several factors that will influence your quotation

Installation of solar geysers Cape Town revolves around determining whether the client wants a split solar unit or a close-couple solar geyser unit. Each type of installation has its own advantages and disadvantages

  • Split unit solar water heater system

Split unit systems are used when the collectors or solar panels can not be installed using hot water cylinders or when the cylinders themselves sit in the spaces that are located inside the roof space. This type of system is more expensive because the water has to be piped from the cylinder; this system also requires a pump for it to do water circulation

  • Close couple solar water heating system

This type of system is where by the collector tubes or solar panels as well as hot water cylinders form a single unit that is typically installed at the roof top