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We do the following Emergency services:

  • Emergency Geysers Repairs and Installations (To prevent any further damage we respond right away)
  • 24 Hour Burst Geyser Repairs & Installations
  • Solar Geyser Repairs
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No Hot Water….Help!!!



What to do if your geyser bursts

Do you have a faulty geyser, burst geyser or issues with the hot water system in your home in Cape Town? Well, if you are looking for professional geyser repair or perhaps you just want to upgrade the water heating system in your home, we are ready to help you with our professional services. We have years of experience in professional Geyser Repair, Installation & Maintenance and no matter how big or small the issue with your geyser is, our team has the capability to fix it as effectively as possible.

Repairing a damaged geyser or installing a brand new one is a challenging task especially for people who have no prior experience in this area. Our professionals are highly trained in all aspects of safe electrical, gas and plumbing services. We are also well equipped to deliver effective geyser repair and installation for your home. It is very important for any repair, installation or maintenance works involving the water and gas supply in your home to be conducted by a highly trained and experienced professional.

Geysers are large and delicate appliances and there has to be extra caution when handling them. The appliances must be carefully hoisted and expertly fitted into the roof or cavity. Additionally, the pipe work and electrical connectivity must be done correctly to ensure your geyser is not only perfectly installed, but also safe and efficient to use on a day to day basis. This is exactly what you get with our Geyser Repair, Installation & Maintenance service. We guarantee quality, safe and efficient installation and repair services all the time.

Our specialists are able to work on all available geyser models including solar and gas geysers. In case you are not sure which model suits your needs, we will be able to offer invaluable advice on the most efficient and the safest hot water system for you. Whether you are looking for eco-friendly and energy efficient solar powered geysers or advanced gas geysers, our team will easily assess your needs and recommend the perfect option.

We also specialize in full geyser diagnosis as part of our repair and maintenance service. If you feel that your hot water system is not working the way it should, you can give us a call anytime. Our team will use the decades of experience they have in this area to first of all identify the faults and ultimately rectify them. It is often advisable to consider a regular geyser maintenance contract. This will shield you from any future repairs. You can get in touch with us for information about geyser maintenance contracts.

Our company is also a leader in the supply of energy efficient water heaters, pumps and geysers. We supply a variety of tank-less water heaters and eco-friendly solar geysers to help you save on your monthly energy expenses.

We would love to hear from you. In case you are looking for affordable and high quality Geyser Repair, Installation & Maintenance, please give us a call today and let’s discuss how our service can help you get what you are looking for.

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